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Here is what some of our loyal customers have to say about our creations.
“I had recently purchased a Wood Carved Pen and two Wine Stoppers from Michigan Woodworks. And I have to tell you that the woodmen ship and functionality is outstanding. I work in the Tree industry, and wood carvings have always interested me. And now I have a Wood Carved Pen, made from Walnut that I can carry around with me; is great. Customers always bring up the pen when I am doing quotes. So it’s a great ice breaker as well. The Wine Stoppers I bought were gifts to my parents, and they use them all the time when we’re having parties as accents to the wine bottles. All I can say is the quality is outstanding and anyone who purchases a product from Michigan Woodworks, will not be disappointed. “

— Joshua, Lake Orion, Michigan
“This wine stopper is essential for anyone who drinks or serves wine! The stopper has an airtight seal so it keeps wine fresh and flavorful. The stopper even works with Champagne and other sparkling wines. I am constantly receiving compliments on the beauty and uniqueness of the wine stopper. They make great gifts!”

— Mary, Shelby Township, Michigan
“Michigan Woodworks makes high quality handcrafted wood wine stoppers. Each one is unique. I purchased additional ones for co-workers gifts and they love them. I would recommend them to anyone.”

— Kellie, Shelby Township, Michigan
“I have purchased several pens from Michigan Woodworks. Whether used for those significant signing occasions or presented as a gift for a special person the handcrafted pens make quite a statement. The wide selection of beautiful natural woods and the many choices of barrels make each pen unique and personal.”

— Rod, Oxford, Michigan
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