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  • Is My Product One Of A Kind?
    Yes… every woodturned product is hand-made and custom turned with wood, acrylic, crushed stone, or other exotic material. Due to grain flow, texture, color variations, and inclusions within the material each product has its own unique characteristic that is brought out when hand turned, sanded, finished, and polished. Each wood carving is hand carved that allows the imagination to take "creative license" to go where the mind, hand, and knife desires to go to create a "one of a kind" creation for you!
  • I Bought A Pen And The Ink Has Finally Run Out, How Can I Get A Refill?"
    Pens and pencils need to be refilled when they are exhausted. You can get refills at most office supply stores. If you cannot find the refill, please contact us and we will send you information on where to obtain the refill.
  • How Do I Remove The Refill From My Pen?
    Please email me and I will give you a step-by-step instruction on how to take the pen apart and change the refill.
  • Can I Put My Bottle Stopper Or Kitchen Utensil (I.e., Bottle Opener) In The Dishwasher?"
    No… Bottle stoppers and other items made of wood should not be washed in a dishwasher. The high pressure and temperature will prematurely age the wood and may cause fading of the finish or potential cracking of the wood; instead, hand wash and dry the item. Note that some of the items (i.e., pizza cutter) are built so that the handle can be removed so that the metal portion can be washed in a dishwasher. For bottle stoppers, and other food service items, that may have faded over time, a light coat of mineral oil followed by hand polishing with a clean dry rag will restore its luster.
  • Can I Leave My Bottle Stopper In A Bottle Of Wine For A Long Period Of Time?
    The stainless steel bottle stoppers can be left in a bottle of wine for extended periods of time, but not indefinitely. On the other hand, chrome plated bottle stoppers should not be left in a wine bottle for a long time; since wine is acidic, it can cause pitting and flaking of the plating due to acidic buildup in the wine from oxidation.
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