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We at Michigan Woodworks create a wide-range of unique handcrafted wood, acrylic, and crushed semi-precious stone creations that you will be proud to show off for years to come. All creations are one-of-a-kind and make excellent gifts, suitable for displaying, or everyday use! Most popular are the pens and wine bottle stoppers, but kitchen utensils, salt & pepper mills, turned boxes, and bowls have been of growing demand.... woodcarvings has become a new and exciting addition to our line of creations! Since each item is handcrafted, great care goes into preparing each and every item. Each woodturned creation is individually hand-turned on a lathe, sanded, and polished to the highest level possible. Each woodcarving is hand carved and either a natural finish is applied or the item is painstakingly painted to bring out the depth of the creation.

You may ask, “what makes my item one-of-a-kind”? This is due to the custom hand sculpting of the creation and nature’s way of making each piece of wood unique due to color, texture, and grain flow. Each woodcarving is uniquely created using a little stretch of my imagination... each caricature takes on a life of its own! This guarantees you a creation that no one else has or will have!. 

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