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At Michigan Woodworks, we make handcrafted creations that are both functional and collectable. We make unique Pens, Pencils, Bottle Stoppers, Kitchen Utensils (Bottle Openers, Ice Cream Scoops, Pizza Cutters, etc.), Salt & Pepper Mills, Turned Lidded Boxes, and Bowls… with new creations to be added!

All of the creations are "one-of-a-kind" due to their design and material variety. The materials used are a variety of natural wood species, of acrylic, or of crushed semi-precious stone. The wood used is either from local sources or exotic woods from places throughout the world.

The hand sculpting, grain structure, texture, and color make each creation unique so that no two items are the same! Each creation is hand turned individually with quality care on a lathe and then sanded, finished and polished to the highest level possible… thereby, creating a spectacular item that you or the person receiving it as a gift can be proud of and showcase it to family, friends, or coworkers. These are heirlooms that you will want to pass down to your sons and daughters.

If you see a creation that you would like, but of a material that is currently not available for that item… please send me a note and I will custom make the item for you. Please note that due to nature, each piece of wood will be slightly different due to color, texture, grain flow, inclusions within the wood, and other twists and turns that nature creates.

Thank you for visiting Michigan Woodworks; please visit us often, since new creations are added on a regular basis.

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